OpenStreetMap has a large and diverse international membership, built up of mapping enthusiasts, hackers, walkers, cyclers and cartographers, both amateur and professional, who come from all walks of life.

If your company is involved in GIS, maps, GPS units, outdoor clothing, computers, bicycles and so on, you could benefit from sponsoring the 2008 State of the Map Conference. For information about reserving a pitch or placing an advert in the Conference Program, contact sponsors@stateofthemap.org.

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CloudMade make maps differently.

We source data from OpenStreetMap, the community who are building a crowd sourced map of the world.

CloudMade offer you unique datasets made from some of the most up to date geo-data available. We take the pain out of using OpenStreetMap data by providing a range of hosted services which allow you to use CloudMade’s data for routing, desktop, mobile or web applications.

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AND Automotive Navigation Data is leading provider of digital mapping data used for location-based services around the world. AND Automotive Navigation Data focuses on the development of digital maps in Europe, North-Africa, Central and South America and Australia. The digital maps are used in personal and ‘in-car’ navigation, Internet-based mapping, fleet management and more.

As a vertical search engine for property and homes, Nestoria is proud of featuring OpenStreetMap as an alternative to other mapping solutions. For some areas like the Isle of Wight OpenStreetMap is the mapping solution of choice instead of the default Google Maps API. Nestoria UK contains more than 30,000 locations and Nestoria 40,000 locations. We support OpenStreetMap to be able to use it wherever the granularity of its maps helps our users find their homes.

Mapufacture provides dynamic, customizable geographic information and collaborative mapping.