Help Promote the State of the Map 2008

Now everyone can join in the fun of promoting SOTM08 with a great poster which you can download and print:

Thanks for Dave Stubbs for the background image which is based on data from OSM contributors. Other images are from Nik Doof and Andy Allan.

We’ve also got the official SOTM08 logo, right here:

SOTM08 Logo

3 Responses to “Help Promote the State of the Map 2008”

  1. Premasagar Rose Says:

    Ooops – the thumbnail image for the poster isn’t showing…

  2. nick Says:

    Premasagar: It loads fine for me. Can you try refreshing your browser and if it still isn’t working drop me an email with your browser type and a screenshot if possible and we’ll look into it.

  3. oscarBravo Says:

    Doesn’t work here either – the img tag refers directly to the PDF, which isn’t working. I think you’ll need to create a thumbnail manually.

    Firefox 3.0b5 on Linux.