Map the Carribean with OSM

When OSMer Gervase Markham heard the news from Google’s Ed Parsons about their mapping activities in the Carribean he had an idea.

Why let Google users have all the fun mapping Carribean islands?  Why not send OSMers out to remote and exotic islands to map them and evangelise about OSM?  Gervase has set up a pledge at PledgeBank which goes like this:

“I will spend an hour OpenStreetMapping features on Caribbean
islands from Yahoo! aerial imagery and will also donate £10 to the
OpenStreetMap Foundation
but only if 60 other people will do the same.”

Sign up for the pledge here pledge at PledgeBank

3 Responses to “Map the Carribean with OSM”

  1. Gregory Marler Says:

    On this pledge being carried out I understand the plan is to pick a (willing?) OSM contributor at random to go out and do the mapping.

    You could just select the top 4 people who have already offered their time to anyone wanting to pay expenses. There is a wiki page called Weekend mapping projects waiting for money.

    In fact before the conference I had been thinking it would be good to find someone wanting Cornwall/Devon down (or anywhere in the UK really). I would happily spend the remaining holiday time I have (till October) to stay down there just mapping if someone can pay for B&Bs/camping sites. I was starting to ponder an idea that one person could sponsor me per day and I will wear your t-shirt for that day.

    Anyway, Gerv’s idea and speed in setting up pledge bank is very good. 22 people already signed up, it looks like someone is having a ‘fun’ mapping holiday!

  2. Gerv Says:

    It’s worth adding that the point of donating the £10 is that when we reach 60 people, the OSMF will(*) send one of the pledgers to Grenada or somewhere else to finish the map that was started from aerial imagery, and evangelise OSM.

    * that is, “may”. No promises.

  3. andry Says: